Nude is my all-time favorite color of lipstick and lip gloss to wear on an everyday basis. It is the perfect color to throw on and run errands.  It is the color I am most picky about wearing because it has to compliment my skin tone perfectly. In order to know which nude will work for you, you will have to take into account your natural lip color and the undertones in your face.  My lips are pink and brown with my bottom lip being pink while my top lip is more brown. I usually have one or two nudes in my purse at all times.  Here are my favorites that compliment me well.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sepia

This perfect brown lip gloss is high pigmented and smells like sugar cookies. Yum! I always have this color in my bag at all times.




Chanel Giggle

This color is my all-time favorite lip gloss. I wear this color the most to work and when I am out running errands. It is my perfect nude gloss and is the exact color of my lips.  It is just as perfect for the office as it is for date night. I always have a back up of it at home so it is always on hand if I run out. If this color were to ever be discontinued, I would be devastated.




Jeffree Star Cosmetics Celebrity Skin

I am already obsessed by everything from this brand and look forward to all of the new launches. This color is my favorite nude liquid lipstick. If you an unfamiliar with liquid lipsticks, they are long-wearing and transfer proof. They go on wet and dry to a matte finish. This color looks good on all complexions because of its versatility. There is also a cream lipstick version launching soon. It is definitely on my to buy list.




Kat Von D Beauty Bow ‘n Arrow

This coveted nude liquid lipstick is frequently out of stock online at Sephora. This color is similar to Celebrity Skin being a liquid lipstick, but is a lighter brown while Celebrity Skin has a bit of pink in it.




MAC Cosmetics Fresh Brew

This lipstick is a barely there nude. It looks almost like gloss on me, which I love. This is the color I put on when I am rushing out of the door, because it glides on easily. It is a creamy, latte colored brown. I usually have this in my purse along with Sepia.




A.J.Crimson Beauty No Shade

I have had my eye on this color for a while. It is always sold out online, which is why I was thrilled it was in stock from The Make Up Club during a recent visit. It is my perfect nude lipstick. It is a slightly creamy, matte brown color. It happens to be one of my husband’s favorite.







What are your favorite nudes?

Thank you for reading,