Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: J.Crew | Belt: J. Crew | Booties: Madewell | Clutch Grateful Handbags | Necklace: Kluster | Bracelets: Kluster | Watch: Michael Kors; Similar | Ring: Love Always Couture | Sunglasses: Coach: Similar | Blanket Scarf: DIY; Similar | Earrings: Gift; Similar | Lipstick: So Chaud | Lip gloss: Cheerful

 Blanket scarves are all the rage this season and for good reason. They are super versatile and just like their name can be used for a blanket. This particular blanket scarf has kept me warm on the couch cozied up with David and our cat, Lilly.  She definitely enjoyed using it as a blanket. I have amassed quite a collection of blanket scarves. However, I particularly wanted an orange and blue one. I guess it is the Florida Gator in me. I could not find one until I was inspired by a post by the lovely Zevyjoy about making my own blanket scarf. Voila! Here is the result of my very own DIY blanket scarf. The best part about making this blanket scarf is that it required no sewing, which is awesome for me and anyone else who does not know how to sew very well. All it took was a little bit of time and patience, and it cost me a fraction of the price of the some of the blanket scarves being sold in stores. So, before you buy that blanket scarf that you have been eyeing, why not try to make your own. Good Luck!

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