The Best Black Booties…





IMG_0655 Details:

Burgundy Turtleneck: Old Navy | Camo Vest: J.Crew Factory; Sold Out; Similar | Skirt: Nordstrom | Bucket Bag: Old Navy (Sold Out); Similar | Booties: Tory Burch | Earrings: BaubleBar (Sold Out); Similar  | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

These booties are AMAZING! My quest for the perfect pair of black booties is over! It seemed as if I liked every pair that was unavailable in my size. David must have been reading my mind about my endless search for black booties. He actually bought me a pair for Christmas, but they were not my style. I found this pair instead and ordered the very last pair in my size and returned the others. These booties are perfect in every way imaginable. They have buttery soft leather, a chunky heel, true to size, and are extremely comfy. Though these booties are sold out online on Tory Burch,  Zappos has them available in black suede. I highly recommend them.

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Black and White Stripes…










Turtleneck: Old Navy (I have every color!) | Skirt: Zara (old); Similar | Heels: Steve Madden | Clutch: Tory Burch (old); Similar | Sunglasses: Tory Burch (old); Similar | Lipstick : All Fired Up

You can never go wrong with black and white, especially when it involves stripes. Black and white is a classic pairing. Why not pair it together with different patterns of stripes? As long as the stripes are in the same color family, mixing different patterns of stripes is perfectly fine. You do not have to be matchy matchy. I used to think that my outfits always had to match exactly, but now as I get older, I mean younger, I care  less. All you need is confidence and to have fun with clothes. Fashion is meant to be fun, which is why I paired these black and white stripes with leopard Steve Madden pumps. Besides, since leopard is a neutral, it goes with everything.

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Shades of Burgundy…











Burgundy turtleneck: Old Navy | Scarf: Zara, Sold Out; Similar | Jeans: J.Crew | Booties: Madewell | Earrings: Purple Peridot | Sunglasses: Tory Burch; Similar | Clutch: Clare V.

I love the color burgundy. I like burgundy because it reminds of wine. Then again, what woman does not love wine, right? Burgundy pairs well with many rich hues. I like it especially paired with browns and oranges, which all go great with my complexion. This burgundy turtleneck is super soft and cozy. I have it in every color Old Navy makes, but I bought this one first.  I highly recommend these turtlenecks. They make a great staple and layer very well under other pieces.  I have found them to me go to layering piece topped off with a scarf since the weather can never make up its mind in Tampa. Typical Tampa is chilly in the morning and then 70s by mid-afternoon. Speaking of scarves, Zara is sold out of this version, but has other plaid options.

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P.S. Please Old Navy, make more of these turtlenecks!


IMG_0322IMG_0204 IMG_0211


IMG_0248 (2)



Sequin Top: H & M (Sold out); Similar | Skirt: H & M: (Sold out) Similar | Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Old); Similar | Shoes: Jessica Simpson (Old); Similar | Wristlet; Tory Burch (Old); Similar | Bracelets: Kluster | Ring: Love Always Couture | Watch: Coach; (Old); Similar |Lipstick: Pink Pigeon | Lip gloss: Girl About Town

Sequins, Sequins, and more sequins! This shirt alone jazzes up any outfit. In the words of Rihanna, “shine bright like a diamond.”  This would certainly be an understatement when describing all of these sequins. It actually caused quite the distraction for David while driving. The sequins shined like a disco ball all inside the car. All of the sparkly colors drew me to this shirt. I loved how the sequins were not monochromatic, but multi-colored. In keeping with a sparkly theme, I paired them with jeweled peep-toe pumps. Besides, nothing goes better with sequins like more sparkles, right? The black skirt helps to break up the sparkles from the sequins and shoes. I am thinking that this shirt might make its way out of my closet for NYE. I think it would look really cute with my new favorite J.Crew Jeans and black Christian Louboutin pumps.

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Buffalo Check


IMG_1512 (2)









IMG_1516 (2)


Buffalo Check Shirt: Old Navy; Similar | Skirt: Nordstrom | Sweater: Gap | Shoes: Neiman Marcus | Neckalce: Purple Peridot | Sunglasses: Tory Burch; Similar | Purse: Kelly Wynne: Sold out; Similar | Watch: Coach; Similar  | Lipstick: All Fired Up | Lip gloss: Viva Glam VI

 This buffalo plaid shirt my be my favorite yet. Lately, I have been living in this Gap Sweater. I even bought it in Navy and Grey. It has actually been quite chilly here in Tampa. So, I have actually gotten a chance to wear sweaters, which I love. They layer perfectly over anything effortlessly. This buffalo check button up shirt is no exception. I am a huge fan of prints, especially plaid. However, recently David told me that all I wear is plaid, so I decided to switch to buffalo check to give my plaid a break. Since this is my only buffalo check shirt, I will more than likely be wearing plaid again this week. Sorry David! This buffalo check shirt gave me another great excuse to wear my amazing birthday gift to myself, my Christian Louboutin heels. Nothing pairs better with a red and black colored outfit than these shoes. Well, maybe this leopard bag. Then again leopard goes with everything because it is a neutral!

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DIY Blanket Scarf















Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: J.Crew | Belt: J. Crew | Booties: Madewell | Clutch Grateful Handbags | Necklace: Kluster | Bracelets: Kluster | Watch: Michael Kors; Similar | Ring: Love Always Couture | Sunglasses: Coach: Similar | Blanket Scarf: DIY; Similar | Earrings: Gift; Similar | Lipstick: So Chaud | Lip gloss: Cheerful

 Blanket scarves are all the rage this season and for good reason. They are super versatile and just like their name can be used for a blanket. This particular blanket scarf has kept me warm on the couch cozied up with David and our cat, Lilly.  She definitely enjoyed using it as a blanket. I have amassed quite a collection of blanket scarves. However, I particularly wanted an orange and blue one. I guess it is the Florida Gator in me. I could not find one until I was inspired by a post by the lovely Zevyjoy about making my own blanket scarf. Voila! Here is the result of my very own DIY blanket scarf. The best part about making this blanket scarf is that it required no sewing, which is awesome for me and anyone else who does not know how to sew very well. All it took was a little bit of time and patience, and it cost me a fraction of the price of the some of the blanket scarves being sold in stores. So, before you buy that blanket scarf that you have been eyeing, why not try to make your own. Good Luck!

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30 Things to Do in Year 30

Happy 30th Birthday to me! I have been dreading this day since I turned 29! I have really been stressed about saying good bye to my twenties. It is the first time I actually felt like I was getting old. For the first time, I felt as if my biological clock was in overdrive and that the clock was ticking away and reminding me of all of the things that I should have accomplished by now. The best thing about turning 30 this year is that David surprised me with a trip to St. John, USVI! Man, do I love him to pieces! Trunk Bay here we come! The next best thing about turning 30 this year is that Black Friday is on my birthday! Yes!!! What a way to celebrate the big 3-0! In honor of turning 30, here is a list of 30 Things that I plan on doing in Year 30 of my life!

1. Read more books.

2. Finish wedding album. (I have been married for almost 18 months and still have not finalized the final draft of our album.)

3. Invite parents over for a home-cooked meal. (I have never invited my parents over for dinner. David and I usually end up at their house or we meet for dinner out.)

4. Catalog everything in my closet. ( I desperately need to take pictures of every clothing item I have and organize into an app.)

5. Reorganize my closet. (It started off being nicely organized by color but as quickly gotten mixed up.)

6.Learn calligraphy.

7. Start a Pinterest account.

8. Visit a local winery,

9. Visit the Fine Arts Museum in St. Petersburg.

10. Make sushi at home with my David.

11. Decorate walls at home with more fun prints.

12. Go back to yoga. (It has been almost three months since I have busted out my yoga mat, which is far too long.)

13. Finish wedding scrapbook and shadow boxes.

14. Make homemade pasta.

15. Go to a drive-in movie.

16. Take advantage of the free gym in my apartment complex.

17. Buy a second pair of Christian Louboutins. (Sorry, I’m not sorry David!)

18. See snow. (I have actually only seen snow twice in my life.)

19. Attend a  BYOB Paint Studio.

20. Attend a pottery class.

21. Visit Italy (Year 30 is the time to go to Italy before David and I start working on a family. Endless wine and cheese here we come!)

22. Bring home fresh flowers weekly.

23. Wear shorts more. (I always think I look terrible in shorts, but I need to embrace my legs more.)

24. Watch less TV. (I record more shows on the DVR than I ever have time to watch and when I do I end up binge watching shows and ignore David.)

25. Hang out with my nieces and nephews more.

26. Improve my Spanish-speaking skills.

27. Host a dinner party for friends.

28. Eat more organic foods.

29. Indulge in a staycation with David.

30. Unplug for 24 hours.

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Black Friday Wishlist

Even though Black Friday definitely seemed like Black Monday this year with most retailers rolling out sales before Friday. Now is the time to buy.  Aside, from Labor Day Sales, Black Friday Sales is one of my favorite times of the year to shop and take advantage of deep discounts. It is also the perfect time to get Holiday shopping out of the way and a great way to avoid the chaos and crowds of malls. Some of my favorite retailers, such as J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, and Tory Burch are offering great percentages of 20%-50% off of purchases. However, some other great retailers offering 50% off regular-priced and sale items are Gap and Banana Republic. Now is definitely the time to buy. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday also. Here are a few things that I have my eye on.

Happy Shopping!



Leopard Mingle Mingle Mini







FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (6)



Sweater: Old; Similar | Plaid Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Steve Madden | Earrings: BaubleBar | Watch: Michael Kors Leopard Bag: Kelly Wynne (Sold Out) | Lipstick: All Fired Up | Ring: Love Always Couture | Sunglasses: Tory Burch; Similar

I am back to wearing heels. I know my last post was a little different with me wearing the Jordans, but hey, it takes a true shoe addict, I mean shoe lover to appreciate all kinds of shoes, not just heels.

Over the last few months my love for leopard and plaid has grown. This shirt has been on major repeat lately, and it just might make an appearance on Thanksgiving at my parents’ house along with this Kelly Wynne Leopard Mingle MIngle Mini Bag.  This leopard bag was a little bit of a mission to acquire, but it was well worth the effort. I saw it online first during my lunch break at work but forgot to purchase. The next night, I remembered, but when I went to purchase, it was “Sold Out.” I immediately E-Mailed the Kelly Wynne info that night. The next morning, I was given the names and telephone numbers for two boutiques that had the Leopard Mingle Mingle Mini. I called Monkee’s of Columbia and placed my order. A few days later, this leopard beauty arrived. Persistence pays off! Besides, one can never have enough leopard anything.

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Tiffany Blue Nike Air Jordans









Shirt: Target | Pants: Lululemon; Similar | Shoes: Jordans | Sunglasses: Coach; Similar | Necklace & Bracelets: Kluster | Watch: Coach; Similar | Purse: L.A.M.B.; Similar

Lately, I have been on a sneaker kick, but I guess that is obvious from my recent posts on Instagram of the coveted Red and Cement Retro 13 Nike Air Jordans. Those sneakers are everything.I still cannot live without my heels though!  I acquired these gorgeous Tiffany Blue Nike Air Jordans while vacationing in New York with David. There was no way we were leaving without visiting Niketown. He was a kid in a candy store to say the least. Being the shoe addict, I mean shoe lover that I am, I had to take a look at the boys shoes for myself. Instantly, I feel in love with these Tiffany Blue Nike Air Jordans. I scooped the last pair in my size, too, which made buying them even sweeter. Out of the four pairs of Air Jordans that I currently own, these are my favorite. They are so sporty and girly at the same time. I wear them alot on the weekends while running errands. They pair perfectly with these Camo Lululemon Joggers that I wish came in more colors. They are so comfy they feel like pajamas!

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